It’s good to have your computer serviced once in a while, as it helps your machine to run better and extend its life time. Servicing a computer includes a deep clean of your logic board and its cooling system, and making sure the components work as they should up to their optimal capacities. Checking storage conditions, batteries, Ram and connecting ports (USB, Headphones etc).

Cleaning your logic board consists of: removing it from the machine, separating its cooling system, and ultrasonically cleaning it. Clearing the old thermal compound on your CPU and GPU and replacing it. Re-assembling your machine and running diagnostic programmes to ensure everything works as it should. This includes a clean-up of your Data Storage; what we refer to as “system junk “, this consists of a large number of useless files created by the operating system, that clutter your Hard Drive. If we detect any issues, we will contact you and let you know what they are, if any, and what can be done about it. Once we have provided you with a report of our findings, you are free to decide if we fix the problem or if you prefer to keep using your computer as it is (most choose this option).


Apple Computers have a very long-life span, longer than even Apple anticipated themselves. Because software evolves rapidly, we are sometimes faced by a dilemma; either we buy a new computer or we upgrade the one we already have. Upgrades consist of two options Hardware and/or Software. A proper upgrade has to be balanced amongst the components, what the computer accepts and your expectations. Some machines won’t in theory accept a newer OS, but in practice there are ways to install the latest OS on relatively old machines.
Hardware upgrades consist generally in upgrading the RAM and swapping an old hard drive for an SSD one and in some cases upgrading a GPU and CPU when possible.

Feel free to contact us for upgrades or advice.