We can recover data from the following supports and machines in house.
Laptop Hard Drives
Liquid damaged iPhones
Physically damaged USB flash drives
SD & microSD cards
WD MyPassport
Desktop Hard Drives
External Hard Drives
USB Hard Drives
RAID configurations

We are unable to provide an estimate without seeing the device, but to give an idea we typically charge:

Hard Drives £100 for a basic data recovery
£250 to £500 for a firmware repair and up to £1000 for head swaps.

SD /Micro SD £200 for a basic data recovery
Up to £700 for a breakout board recovery

iPhones £300 to £700 for liquid damages and drops

SSD drives from £300 to £1000 depending on the damages.

We will charge you only if the recovery is successful.

NOTE: we refuse to work on devices and media that have been opened, or tampered with physically or digitally before reaching us. Data recovery is a complex process, which is reflected in our prices. The software we are using are essentially forensic data recovery and carving programs. The Hardware is standard to every data recovery lab.